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My name is Oliver Lepki. I am a proud Forever Business Owner in UK, but also in many other countries like Canada where I started Forever Living Business. I help people get started their own Home Based Business with Forever Living UK. This is an amazing opportunity and the longer I am with Forever the better I understand the concept and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to me. Exactly the same opportunity is available to anyone else who joins Forever Living. It's never been a better opportunity to join Forever than now! Read moer to learn why!

Why Did I join FLP?
To give you a short history before I answer that question. I grew up in a small village in Bosnia, left home when I was 17, moved to Canada when I was 20 and started Forever Business when I was 33. Not being fulfilled with my IT profession I looked for something more and came across Network Marketing and Forever Living. Fell in love with both and today I am building international business with Forever and helping others achieve the same.

I am proud to be associated with Forever Living as a business builder who is and will be working hard to prove my self that I am worth more than just an employee working for someone else and building somoene elses dream. It is now up to me to decide my own future, for me and for my family.

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