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My name is Oliver and I am authorized representative (Forever Business Owner) for Forever Living Product in UK (United Kingdom). This website is published for you my Guests/Customers and future Forever Living Business Owners. Two main things that I can offer is: One, our fantastic natural based Aloe Vera products. The products are unique, natural and more than wonderful. My family and I use these products on regular basis and thousands and thousands of other customers around the world are using these Forever Living Products, here in UK and many other countries.

Furthermore, I am inviting you to review our Business Opportunity that is a perfect business model practiced in over 158 countries around the globe. You are not only buying the FLP but also benefiting from our experience over the years. I am inviting you to review both and I am asking you to contact me using any way you like as I would like to be able to service you with our aloe products OR provide you support to start your own home base business or network marketing business with our company, with Forever Living UK here in UK that allows you to run truly global business.

Little More About Forever Living Products (FLP & FLP UK)

The story of Forever Living Products company begins with Rex, Rex Maughan and an ambitious dream that he turned into reality. For years, Rex had been searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in his life: better health and financial success optioni at the same time. In 1978, he found what he was looking for and invited group of people to attend the first-ever Forever Living Products meeting in Tempe, Arizona. From this single event, a journey was launched that would lead to unparalleled business success. From then Forever Living has grown quite a bit since and now heading to 3 million of annual sales.

Forever Living Products UK (FLP UK) began operation in 1992 Early in 1994, the Company moved to prestigious Longbridge Manor in Warwick, now its UK headquarters. Forever Living Products began its operations in Ireland in 1991, where Rex Maughan purchased the Magheramorne Estate in 2000 as its headquarters; an ideal location to serve an expanding business throughout Ireland.

The Company has won a variety of awards. In April 2007, Forever was presented with the Investors in People Award, for the second time running,with excellent reviews honouring Forever for having Ďa very supportive culture, putting people and their well being at the forefront of everything the organisation stands forí (Evans, A. 2007 Investors in People Post Recognition Review Report for Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd).

Forever (UK) has grown year-on-year since first trading in 1992 and in 2013 grew by 28%. In May 2014, the UK experienced record sales as we went through the 40,000 Case Credits mark for the first time in our history. Recruitment was up in 2013 by 66% and the Success Showcases recognised 65% more Supervisors and 169% more Managers compared to 2012.

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